Experts agree Conservatives have realistic fiscal plan for infrastructure projects

October 14, 2019

Liberals misrepresenting Conservative plan to support infrastructure

Justin Trudeau is lying and misrepresenting the Conservative plan to support infrastructure projects across Canada. Let’s look at the facts.

Public policy expert Jack Mintz confirmed that the Conservative plan only “delays” infrastructure spending by three years. He also confirmed that these delays only impact “uncommitted infrastructure spending”.

In contrast, the Liberals cut up to 40% of infrastructure spending from 2016-2017.
The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) agrees. The PBO confirms that the Conservative plan will extend “spending for the Investing in Canada Plan (ICP) over an eleven-year period, rather than the eight-year period.” The PBO also says that the Conservative plan would “spread the same nominal amount of money over a longer period of time”.

The PBO also confirmed that our plan continues “funding obligations already committed to by the Government”. 

Justin Trudeau is lying to Canadians. Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives will maintain infrastructure spending. Instead we will cut corporate welfare and foreign aid to relatively wealthy countries in order to lower taxes and help you get ahead.